About Me

Namaste! I’m Pratul from Mumbai, India. I ponder and talk, alternating between jolly and pensive. I’m a fan of Dostoevsky, Porcupine Tree, logic and coffee.

Common adjectives used to describe me are Genuine, Perceptive, Sensitive, Serious, Slender, Thoughtful and Frank.

Find my favorite reads and quotes at Goodreads, and music at Last.fm.




My most important values are:

Authenticity: Being loyal to what I’ve been created as, with my own (unique) mix of talents, preferences and values — without trying to be like someone else.

Groundedness: Being grounded in reality (being) all the time. This is the foundation of honor, courage, sanity, insight and everything else.

Grace: Smooth and balanced behavior, movement and activity.

Honor: Self-respect and moral purity.

Courage: Ability and will to do the right thing or to bear reality, however difficult or frightening (physical, moral, intellectual).

Insight: Deep understanding of self, things, people and other knowledge areas of interest — not just in words (through intellect) but in essence (through intuition).

Legacy: Leaving behind insight to tap into, and a model of living to follow.

Some of my quirks are:

– Glancing at the sky while walking
– Singing guitar solos
– Talking to myself alot (aloud or silently)
– Glancing at my right palm (esp. the head line) and the first two fingers
– Sweating profusely from spicy food, mental tension or even ainveyi
– Dislike winter, like summer
– Can retain several phone numbers in memory
– Grammar, spelling and logic nazi (working on quitting this one)
– Making weird faces and noises, burping, distorting language (only with close people)

For some more (weird but interesting) info about me, go here.