A note on the initial portion of ‘The Burrow’ by Franz Kafka

First attempt:

He tries to conceal his fear that he’ll fail to survive, by claiming the reason he built the burrow is that he enjoyed to. It isn’t hard, however, to see through his pretense, especially given his own later descriptions of the kinds of imagination he harbours, of being attacked and devoured while in the very burrow.

Second attempt:

At first, he says he built the burrow because he enjoyed it. Later he gives an account of various ways he would be eaten while in the same burrow. He has thus defied his own initial attempt to conceal his fear of dying.

Third attempt:

He built a borrow, for joy he sought,
Or this was rightly what he thought.
But he’ll be chewed by a bigger fellow,
As he goes to sleep with dreams mellow.
Thus he’s scared,
He’s not prepared.
Indeed, a moron is he.
An oxymoron this be.

(More attempts probably on the way, stay tuned…)


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